Hydraulic Machinery
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Hydraulic Machinery

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Pressure of hydraulic oil Monitoring

Pressure transmitters, acquire pressure value of the hydraulic oil circuit system of mobile hydraulic machinery in real time, in order to generate specified hydraulic oil from pump, pressure transmitters provide pressure value of hydraulic oil to controllers, to adjust output power of hydraulic pump and motor.

Application Hydraulic machineryPT20-520

Inside cylinder stoke length monitoring

Magnetostrictive Position Sensor, installed inside the cylinder, permanent magnet ring fixed on the piston, feedback each stoke length of cylinder from moving parts, so that the operators can know the equipment movement in real time.


Temperature of hydraulic oil Monitoring

In order to make sure hydraulic oil circuit system work properly in specified temperature ranges, temperature transmitters provide temperature value of hydraulic oil to controllers, to adjust output power of hydraulic pump.



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