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  • Maintenace and After-Service

    ♦ Feedback within 24 hours: A/S engineer team will be one-on-one service for you to exclude obstacles during using sensors.
    ♦ 12 months' warranty period: free sensor maintenance
  • Why you choose and trust Orr Sensor?

    You will benefit from: 
    ♦ R&D Lab: We have two R&D lab in China to develop products, we can conduct reliable performance and cost effective products
    ♦ Factory Experience: More than 20 years of experience in manufacturing sensor. 
    ♦ Production Capacity: At least 112,500 pcs sensor per Month.
    ♦ Supply Area: All over the world, about 70 countries.
    ♦ Primary Customers: TYCO,Honeywell, Carrier,DAIKIN, LG, and SANY GROUP.
    ♦ Certificate: CE,RoHs,ISO9001.
    ♦ OEM/ODM: Accept, we are able to offer a total solution for your industrial monitoring system.
  • How to order

    ♦ In order to save your time to select a suitable sensor, below tip for your review, 
    For example, you already have specification for the magnetostrictive position sensor as following,
    (1) Type: RH type Pressure rod type)
    (2) Stroke length:800mm
    (3) Mechanical Connection:M18×1.5
    (4) Electrical Connection:Connector outlet with cable 2 meter
    (5 Output Signal: 4~20mA
    Please check with our below ordering model guide, you have the model RH-M0800-S1-PH02-A01.


    Send us this code with the annual quantity demand, definitely you will be received a reasonable price and lead time.


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