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Gas Pressure Monitoring
Industrial gas pressure monitoring In order to ensure safe production of storage and transportation of industrial gas, it's essential to acquired pressure value of industrial gas in real time during storage and gas transmission pipeline. ORR pressure transmitter provides pressure monitoring instruments for industrial gas production and storage, ressure measurement enables the automatic monitoring and regulation of gas production equipment and storage cylinders through the auxiliary system to ensure safe production.
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HVAC System
Refrigerant pressure monitoring Pressure transmitters are widely used in refrigerant circuit of air conditioning. During the refrigeration cycle, due to the different states of the refrigerant (vapor and liquid), their pressure values are also different. The pressure transmitter can monitor the pressure change of the refrigerant in real time, and feedback the signal to the control system, the control system according to the feedback signal to adjust the rotation speed of the compressor, adjust the throttle valve opening and other methods to control the flow and pressure of the refrigerant, so as to ensure the air conditioning system works properly.
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Hydraulic Machinery
Pressure of hydraulic oil Monitoring Pressure transmitters, acquire pressure value of the hydraulic oil circuit system of mobile hydraulic machinery in real time, in order to generate specified hydraulic oil from pump, pressure transmitters provide pressure value of hydraulic oil to controllers, to adjust output power of hydraulic pump and motor. Inside cylinder stoke length monitoring Magnetostrictive Position Sensor, installed inside the cylinder, permanent magnet ring fixed on the piston, feedback each stoke length of cylinder from moving parts, so that the operators can know the equipment movement in real time. Temperature of hydraulic oil Monitoring In order to make sure hydraulic oil circuit system work properly in specified temperature ranges, temperature transmitters provide temperature value of hydraulic oil to controllers, to adjust output power of hydraulic pump.
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Injection Molding Machinery
Injection Molding Machine Hydraulic Oil Circuit System Monitoring PT03 pressure transmitter, acquire pressure value of the hydraulic oil circuit system of the injection machines in real time: injector control, ejector control, and mold closure, so as to provide reliable closed-loop control feedback signals for the stable operation of the hydraulic system. Injection Force Monitoring The injection molding needs to reach the specified force value, FC50 force sensors could send the signal when the molten liquid reach the limited force value to realize high accuracy injection control.
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Wind Power Industry
Blade deformation monitoring: MH Magnetostrictive position sensors can monitor the deformation of wind power equipment blades in real time, providing critical blade health information so that maintenance measures can be taken in a timely manner to avoid affecting equipment performance. Motors temperature monitoring TTT20B Temperature Transmitter can monitor the temperature of motor in real time, acquire motor temperature data and send to system, make sure generator set can work in appropriate temperature range.
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Port Machinery
FST load cells offer wide capacity ranges for both mobile crane and stationary crane, acquire the real time monitoring of weighing data, and feedback to control system, guarantee safe operation of load and unload containers. MH position sensors acquire the real time monitoring for cylinder positioning, guarantee safe displacement of each moving parts. PT08 Pressure transmitters acquire the real time monitoring of pressure value of hydraulic oil in the system, guarantee hydraulic pump will work properly, if pressure range exceed the specified limit value, pressure transimitters will send the alarm signal to the system in time.
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Metallurgical Industry
Grinding The X-Y-Z profile of the grinding process needs an accurate position description on each moving axis. Profile style magnetostrictive linear position sensor is used for precise measurement with insensitivity to thermal expansion and requires no maintenance and calibration. Plasma Cutting Positioning of the plasma torch on the X-Y cutting table requires feedback devices that are less sensitive to electrical noise. Magnetostrictive Linear Position Sensor uses a non-contact permanent magnet for position reading and requires no maintenance and calibration. Removing electrical wires from proximity with the plasma torch, combined with a signal-to-noise ratio greater than 25:1 makes the ORR sensor a good fit for this difficult application. Standard industry bus communication protocols allow for easy integration in advanced CNC motion controls.
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