Potentiometer Position Sensor
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Potentiometer Position Sensor

Potentiometer position sensor works on the principle of the resistance value varying with the movement displacement.

These sensors basically have a potentiometer built in it whose resistance can be altered using a slider, this resistive track is used as a sensing element for measuring the distance, resistance is proportional to physical position, in the end, we can consider the principle as similar to slide rheostat which we learned in middle school.

  • Return Spring High Accuracy Potentiometer Position Sensor
    Spring loaded, self-reset function
    High operational speeds up to 10m/s
    Spec icail ball-coupling eliminates lateral forces
    Intergreted signal processing for normallized output signals current or voltage
    Insensitive to shock and vibration
  • Resistive Digital Contact Potentiometer Displacement Sensor
    Wide stroke length up to 1250 mm
    Outstandard linearity up to ± 0.05%
    High operational speeds up to 10m/s
    Different output options, resistance(Ω), 4~20mA, 0~5Vdc ,0~+5Vdc, 0~10Vdc, 0~10Vdc
    Build-in imported high quality material by aluminium alloy housing, strong and durable structure


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