Magnetostrictive Position Sensor
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Magnetostrictive Position Sensor

Magnetostrictive position measurement with magnetostrictive technology, bases on principle of pulse variation due to position variation.

Magnetostrictive position sensors are non-contact linear position sensors, magnet ring doesn't contact with thewaveguid, sensing position by magnetic pulse, thus free from wear, no downtimes, a long service life, and high resolution up to 0.005mm. they guarantee a high machine and system availability, widely used in high reliability and precision are demanded in position measurement.

  • Integrated Type Magnetostrictive Position Sensors
    High vibration resistance and shock resistance
    Low energy consumption, effectively reduce system heat
    Adapting to Harsh Environments, IP 67 Protection
    Multiple signals (analog, digital) output
    Compact design sensors widely used in mobile hydraulics, plastic & rubber manufacturing
  • Magnetostrictive Linear Position Sensors
    High resolution of up to 1 µm
    Stroke length of up to 3000 mm (Customizable)
    IP grade up to IP67
    Expanded measuring with multi-magnet technology
  • Flat Profile Magnetostrictive Position Sensors
    High resolution of up to 10μm
    Stroke length of 50~2500mm(Customizable)
    Non-wear and non-contacting measurement method
    Robust and durable, fully enclosed design
    Robust, non-contact and wear free, used in plastics molding and factory automation
  • Pressure-fit Flange Magnetostrictive Sensors
    High resolution of up to 0.001mm
    Stroke length of 50~5500mm(Customizable)
    Sealing grade up to IP67
    Interface support Analog, SSI, CAN
    Pressure-fit flange type sensors for application in hydraulic cylinders for position feedback
  • Profile Style Magnetostrictive Linear Position Sensors
    Profile style
    High resolution of up to 1 µm
    Stroke length of up to 3000 mm (Customizable)
    High Performance position measurement of cylinder, widely used in mobile hydraulics,plastic & rubber manufacturing, process control, and liquid level measurement.


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