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Sensors For Construction Machinery

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Sensors have been widely used in the construction machinery industry. The sensor device can output various physical and chemical signals as electrical signals, such as gravity, temperature, sound, distance, etc., so that the staff can directly control or adjust the data detected by the sensor.

Load Cell

Construction machinery generally refers to heavy machinery in various heavy industries, such as railway, water conservancy, national defense and other construction machinery, mining, wind power, power generation and other energy machinery.


Since construction machinery is often in a harsh working condition for a long time, various factors will jointly damage the mechanical structure and other systems, and increase the wear and tear of the machine. With the development of modern technology, various types of traditional construction machinery have been equipped with various intelligent devices to varying degrees, and a variety of sensors have been applied to reduce wear and tear, improve production efficiency, and improve the working environment. Great effect.


Sensors can help mechanical equipment to obtain information data, especially equipment that requires automatic computer control, such as position sensors for automatic excavation equipment applications in mining machinery, liquid level sensors for oilfield machinery's automatic oil transfer equipment, and so on. The control requires the sensor to accurately return the data.

LVDT for Cylinder stroke sensing

There are many types of sensors used in construction machinery:

such as:

Oil pressure sensor in the oil circuit;

Temperature Sensor;

Pressure sensor in hydraulic drive;

Speed sensor for speed control;

Vibration sensor that controls vibration;

Tilt sensor to determine the degree of tilt;

Displacement sensor for ranging;

Sensors for other uses, like load cell, humidity sensor, etc,.

Pressure transmitter

The development trend of sensors in construction machinery applications:

The sensors used in construction machinery show four trends, namely, semiconduction, multi-functionality, intelligence and specialization.


1. Semiconduction of sensors in construction machinery

At present, the sensors used in construction machinery have a large proportion of semiconductor sensors according to the principle of tamping control. Semiconductor sensors are widely used in road construction machinery because of their high sensitivity, fast response, small size and light weight.

The parameters of the control include temperature, pressure, flow, concentration, humidity and other multi-top content. The more important feature is that the sensor is highly integrated and can be easily combined with a computer and widely used in engineering machinery.


2. Multi-functionality of sensors in construction machinery

Since the semiconductor sensor can be highly integrated, it is possible to integrate a plurality of sensitive components such as temperature, humidity, differential pressure, gas, concentration, etc. on the same chip, so that the sensor efficiency is greatly improved. The versatility of semiconductor sensors is more suitable for mobile work equipment such as construction machinery. Therefore, the multi-functionality of sensors in construction machinery is a significant development trend.


3. Intelligent and specialized sensors in construction machinery

The sensors used in construction machinery are combined with computers to form intelligent sensors with inspection, information processing and automatic control.

In addition, there are many types of construction machinery. In the process of specialization, in order to improve the efficiency of construction machinery and reduce production costs, the sensors used for the main control parameters of different types of construction machinery are developed in the direction of specialization.


To make better use of the sensor function, you just need to know what the parameters you want to get. I believe that with the development of society, the application of sensors will be more and more extensive, and the detected data will become more and more accurate.


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