Pressure-fit Flange Magnetostrictive Sensors
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Pressure-fit Flange Magnetostrictive Sensors

High resolution of up to 0.001mm
Stroke length of 50~5500mm(Customizable)
Sealing grade up to IP67
Interface support Analog, SSI, CAN
Pressure-fit flange type sensors for application in hydraulic cylinders for position feedback
  • RB

  • ORR

  • ORR-RB-M5500

Applications of Magnetostrictive Position Sensor

·Plastics machinery

·Fluid Power & Linear Actuators

·Hydraulics and Pneumatics machinery

·Processing machinery

Introduction of Magnetostrictive Position Sensor

Magnetostrictive position sensor with magnetostrictive technology, bases on principle of pulse variation due to position variation.

Magnetostrictive position sensors are non-contact linear position sensors, magnet ring doesn't contact with thewaveguid, sensing position by magnetic pulse, thus free from wear, no downtimes, a long service life, and high resolution up to 0.001mm.

Special features of Magnetostrictive Position Sensor

·High resolution up to 0.001mm.

·Stroke length up to 5500mm(Customizable)

·Non-wear and non-contacting measurement method

·Interface support Analog, SSI, CAN

Basic Specifications of Position Sensor

SpecificationsTechnical data

Stroke length

50~5500 mm (Customizable)
Resolution16-bit D/A or 0.0015% of full scale (min. 1μm)
Nonlinearity< ±0.01 %F.S.
Repeatability< ±0.001 %F.S.
Update time

1KHz (range ≤ 1m), 500Hz (1m < range ≤ 2m),

250Hz (2m < range ≤ 3m), customizable

Output signalAnalog, SSI, CAN
Operating voltage24Vdc±20%
Current consumption<100mA (varying with range)
Insulation strength500V
Operating temperature-40~+85℃
Vibration proof
20g(10... 2000 Hz)
Shock proof
Magnet speedAny

Electronic bin: SUS304, Measuring rod: SUS304

Electrical connectionCable outlet or connector
IP protectionIP67

Installation dimensions


Accessories Dimension

RB-Accessories Dimension

RB-Order Guide

Note: The forward output of the sensor means that when the magnet ring moves away from the electronic bin, the output value

increases and decreases when the magnet ring moves in the reverse direction.

Examples of selection:RB-M3600-S1-PH60-A01C-S4

Indication: The product is a compact sealed RB structure, with an effective stroke of 3600 mm, a bottom sealed M18×1.5, six-pin

plug, output of 4-20 mA, Min. output value of no magnet ring state, single magnet ring, non-usable area of 40mm at the head and

60mm at the end.



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