The Parameters of Pressure Sensors
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The Parameters of Pressure Sensors

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As follow, please refer to Important technical Parameters needed when ordering a pressure sensor

① Operating Pressure Range: Pressure measuring range the sensor can be safely operated.

② Operating Mode: Absolute pressure, or gauge pressure

③ Maximum Pressure or Burst Pressure: The maximum value of pressure that can be withstood by the sensor without damaging itself.

If the applied pressure is more than this maximum pressure value, it might result in device failure or inaccurate signal output, even damage the sensor itself, which named burst pressure.

④ Output Type: It could be Ratio-metric mV, 4~20mA, 0.5Vdc~4.5Vdc, 0~5Vdc, 0~10Vdc, digital I2C and digital SPI.

⑤ Full Scale: Maximum pressure that the sensor can measure from zero pressure.

⑥ Operating Temperature Range: The temperature range the sensor can operate reliably and provide an accurate output signal.

⑦ Accuracy: Accuracy is a measure of the deviation in measurement between the sensor output versus the actual output generated by the sensor. Accuracy is often expressed as ± XX %F.S.(full scale).

⑧ Supply Voltage: Power supply to the pressure sensor, typically measured in volts.

⑨ Mechanical Connection: Mounting thread standard, G1/4 male, 1/4 NPT male, etc.

⑩ Electrical Connection: DIN43650 male, M12×1-4 pole male, Flying lead, etc.


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