Sputtering thin-film sensor (resistive pressure measurement)
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Sputtering thin-film sensor (resistive pressure measurement)

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Sputtering thin-film sensor (resistive pressure measurement)

The base body is made of stainless steel. The resistance structure is produced by photolithography. Thin-film measuring cells stand out due to their excellent resistance to pressure peaks and bursting pressure. 

Even extremely high pressures can be measured – even when exposed to high shock and vibration loads. In metal thin-film technology four resistors are interconnected to create a Wheatstone bridge.

 During pressurization, the resistors are exposed to the highest strain in the center of the diaphragm while the strongest compression is present in the edge region. 

In thin-film cells, the measuring membrane is at the same time the separating membrane from the medium. No internal transmission fluid is required. As a rule, thin-film technology is only offered for relative pressure measurement, because creating a vacuum on the back of the membrane requires extensive effort constructionally.



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