Output Types of Pressure Sensors
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Output Types of Pressure Sensors

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Output types of pressure sensors include the following four types:

Ratiometric Millivolt Output(mV): Pressure sensor with ratiometric millivolt output are widely used in many applications because of their cost-effective nature. The full scale output of a millivolt sensor is from 40mV(Min.)to 120mV(Max.); 70mV (Typ.) under power of 5VDC or Idd=1.5mA. The output is directly proportional to the excitation power.

Current Loop Output(4~20mA): These are pressure sensors with a current output of 4-20 mA. Since this kind of signal outputs are not much affected by electrical noise, the signals can be transmitted over a long distance.

Analog Voltage Output(Vdc). These are pressure sensors with a voltage output of 0.5~4.5Vdc, 0~5Vdc, and 0~10Vdc etc, which could be easily read by PCL, controller or indicator.

Digital output: The output signal in the case of a digital signal of I2C, SPI with digital code for pressure output values.



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