Piezoelectric Load Cell
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Piezoelectric Load Cell

As the leading manufacturer in Sensor Industry in China, TM can provide kinds of piezoelectric load cells, TH4 piezoelectric load cell is one of our types. They are perfectly suited for use with any type of tank, batching or platform scales as well as for level monitoring - and are used by market leaders. Precise measurement results up to accuracy class C3 per OIML R60. The particularly robust TH4 load cells are available in standard dimensions and can be easily integrated and quickly adapted to the required maximum capacities ranging from 50 kg to 20 tons.

The features of piezoelectric load cell are shear beam constructure, high precision, excellent dustproof, easy for installation and use. They can applied to scale manufacturers (platform scales, legal-for-trade scales), medicine (weighing hospital patients), building industry (weighing materials, power shovels), agriculture (automatic feeders), public sector (weighing garbage).

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