What is a Position Sensor?
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What is a Position Sensor?

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What is a Position Sensor?


Position sensor is any type of device which detects the movement of a chosen object in either a Linear or Rotary motion and converts the movement into output signals which are suitable for processing, transmission or control depending on the application.


Potentiometric Position Sensor

Potentiometric position sensor is operated based on the principle of resistive effect. A resistive track acts as a sensing element, and a wiper is attached to the body or part of the body whose displacement is to be measured. The wiper is also in contact with the track.





Some of the major applications of position sensors include:

  • Medical equipments

  • Packaging machines

  • Injection molding machines

  • Bullet trains taking round curves

  • Drive-by-wire cars

  • Fly-by-wire aircraft systems



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