Types of Pressure Sensors
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Types of Pressure Sensors

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Pressure sensors can be classified in terms of the pressure range they are measuring, operating temperature range, or the type of pressure they are measuring.  In terms of pressure types, pressure sensors can be divided into several main categories:

① Absolute Pressure Sensors

Absolute pressure sensor measures the pressure relative to perfect vacuum pressure (0 PSI or no pressure). Atmospheric pressure is 101.325 kPa (14.7 PSI) at sea level with reference to vacuum.


② Gauge Pressure Sensors

Gauge pressure sensor is used in different applications because it can be calibrated to measure the pressure relative to a given atmospheric pressure at a given location. A tire pressure gauge is an example of gauge pressure indication.


③ Differential Pressure Sensors

Differential pressure sensor or transmitter measures the difference between two or more pressures introduced as inputs to the sensing unit. For example, measuring the pressure drop across an oil filter. Differential pressure is also used to measure flow or level in pressurized vessels. 

You would find all of our pressure sensors are base on differential pressure sensor. The biggest difference is reference pressure or relative pressure point is different.

*Gauge Pressure Sensor: reference pressure(relative pressure point) is atmospheric at a given location

*Absolute Pressure Sensor: reference pressure(relative pressure point) is vacuum.

*Differential Pressure Sensor: reference pressure(relative pressure point) are two or more pressure input holes.


④ Sealed Pressure Sensors

Sealed pressure sensor is similar to the gauge pressure sensor, except that it has already been calibrated by the manufacturer to measure pressure relative to sea level pressure.


***Below pictures showing how Gauge or Absolute Pressure Sensor works and their readings in different atmospheric pressure.

###Gauge Operation Mode###

Gauge Pressure sensor

###Absolute Operation Mode###

Absolute Pressure Sensor


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