Technical term for load cell(Part 4)
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Technical term for load cell(Part 4)

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Technical term for load cell(Part 4)


①   Repeatability

The maximum difference between load cell output readings for repeated loadings under identical loading and environmental conditions.


②   Resolution

The smallest change in mechanical input which produces a change in the output signal.


③   Sensitivity

The ratio of the change in output to the mechanical input.


④   Shunt Calibration

Electrical simulation of load cell output by insertion of known shunt resistors between appropriate points within the circuitry.


⑤   Shunt--To--Load Correlation

The difference in output readings obtained through electrically simulated and actual applied loads.


⑥   Side Load

Any load acting 90 degrees to the primary axis at the point of axial load application


⑦   Stabilization Period

The time required to insure that any further change in the parameter being measured is tolerable.

⑧   Standard Test Conditions

The environmental conditions under which measurements should be made when measurements under any other condition may result in disagreement between various observers at different times and places. These conditions are as follows: Temperature 23 degrees +or-- 2 degrees C (73.4 degrees +or-- 3.6 degrees F.


⑨   Temperature Effect On Rated Output

Temperature Range Compensated

Temperature Range Compensated

The range of temperature over which the load cell is compensated to maintain rated output and zero balance within specific limits.


⑩   Temperature Range Safe

The extremes of temperature within which the load cell will operate within permanent adverse change to any of its performance characteristics.


⑪ Terminal Resistance Corner To Corner

The resistance of the load cell circuit measured at specific adjacent bridge terminals at standard temperature, with no load applied, and with the excitation and output terminals open--circuited.


⑫ Terminal Resistance Input

The resistance of the load cell circuit measured at the excitation terminals at standard temperature, with no load applied and with the output terminals open--circuited.



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