Submersible Throw-in Water Proof Cable Level Transmitter
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Submersible Throw-in Water Proof Cable Level Transmitter

Diffuse piezoresistive silicon sensor adopted
Probe insertion measurement mode,simple and convenient installation
For level measurement
Used in water level measurement in river and lakes, level measurement of containers and storage systems.
High accuracy, all stainless steel tructure
Small size and light weight
Strong anti-interference, good long-term stability
Anti-vibration, shock resistance
  • LT60H

  • ORR

  • ORR-LT60H-20mH2O

Applications of level transmitter

·liquid level measurement for tank

Introduction of level transmitter

LT60H level transmitter made by ORR’s own pressure sensor core as sensor sensitive element. Level transmitter can be transferred liquid or gas pressure into the various standard analog output signal 4~20mA. 

The water-proof cable connects with housing sealed, with vented tube putting in, the level transmitter could be used in the water or liquid in a long time. Integrated construction and standard output signal could provide easy operation and good automatic control. With 2-wire working, compact size, light weight and easy installation and operation, LT60H level transmitter is widely used for industry field instead of normal 2-wire 4~20mADC analog output transmitter.

Special features of level transmitter

·Wetted parts apply stainless steel ensure excellent corrosion resitance

·9~30VDC wide operating voltage range

·Standard optional analog output 4~20mA

·Build-in silicon oil filling sensor core

·Diffusion silicon sensor, 0.5% high quality and stability

·Polyurethane material Water-proof cable

·Protection: transmitter: IP68

·With anti- lightning, anti-RF interference

·With reverse polarity protection and limit current protection

Level Transmitter electric specification

Power supply: 24VDC(9~30VDC)

Electric connection: Flying lead (IP68)

Insulation resistance: ≥100MΩ/250VDC


Level Transmitter construction 

Diaphragm: stainless steel 316L

Housing: stainless steel 304

Protective cap: PC+ABS

SpecificationsTechnical data

Measuring range

0.5m  1m    3m   5m  10m  15m  20m H2O
Overload pressure200%F.S.                              
Burst pressure500%F.S.          
Operational modeGauge
Measuring mediawater, oil
Output signal4~20mA
Operation voltage24VDC(9~30VDC)
Accuracy±0.5%F.S. (typ.)
Long-term drift(type)<±0.15(typ.)                                                %F.S./Year
Operating temperature range (type)-30~+70                                                                          ℃
Storage temperature range (type)-40~+70                                                                          ℃
Fluid temperature range (type)-10~+70                                                                          ℃
Insulation resistance≥100MΩ/250VDC
Power-on response time

≤100ms (Up to 90%FS)

Vibration resistance 

Shock: 200g/1ms; IEC 60068-2-27

Free falling body: 1m; IEC 60068-2-32

Shock resistance 

Shock: 200g/1ms; IEC 60068-2-27

Free falling body: 1m; IEC 60068-2-32

EMC proof
EN61000-6-2, EN61000-4-3
IP protectionIP68

Level Transmitter dimensions:

Level Transmitter-LT60H-Dimension

Level Transmitter order guide:

Level Transmitter-LT60H-Order




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