Strain Gauge of Load Cell
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Strain Gauge of Load Cell

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Strain Gauge of Load Cell

A strain gauge, or strain gage, is a sensing device used for measuring strain experienced by an object. It is made from a long, thin piece of conductor bonded to an elastic backing material called a carrier. The conductor varies its electrical resistance when a change in dimension occurs.

The strain gauge is mounted by coupling it to the object to be inspected. Both the object and the strain gauge are deformed when a load is applied. Strain gauges measure strain from different types of stresses, namely tensile, compressive, bending, torsional, and shear stress.

The main application of strain gauges is the manufacture of force and pressure transducers, particularly load cells. A load cell is a type of transducer that measures the mechanical load on an object by converting it to readable electronic signals. They are used in various industries such as automation, process control, biomechanics, equipment monitoring, building integrity analysis, bulk material weighing, testing, and quality control.



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