RTD Resistance temperature sensor
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RTD Resistance temperature sensor

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Temperature Sensor

RTD Resistance temperature sensor is usually made from high purity platinum metal. Their resistance has a direct and repeatable relationship with temperature.

RTD platinum temperature sensor has long term stability and strict tolerances over a wide temperature range. They are widely used in various electronic instruments, household appliance, HVAC, energy power industry and mechanical control.

RTD operating temperature is higher than the ceramic thermistor, and less change from one degree to the next one degree.



Platinum (thin film) RTD Resistance temperature sensor

Wide operating temperature range, high temperature performance and repeatable temperature and resistance response make platinum as a ideal option for high reliability temperature sensing application. Platinum temperature sensor take advantage of the basic characteristic of platinum - resistance increases with temperature increases (positive temperature coefficient).This feature is consistent and measurable, creating a situation for manufacture a precise temperature sensors.



To take advantage of these properties, platinum metal is made into a practical form, strong, smart, and easily connected to instrument. The most popular type of sensor is the platinum film element, which consists of a very thin layer of platinum coated on a ceramic substrate and protected by thin glass. Additional protective enclosures allow platinum sensors to be used in extreme conditions.


TM Auto’s RTD Resistance temperature sensor offers 100Ω and 1000Ω resistance value. (PT100, PT1000)Temperature can be read by resistance-temperature relationship table. 



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