Hydraulics Pressure Sensor for mobile hydraulics applications
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Hydraulics Pressure Sensor for mobile hydraulics applications

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Hydraulics Pressure Sensor for mobile hydraulics applications

NS pressure sensor is intended to be used in mobile hydraulics applications, such as on earth moving machines, fork-lift trucks, diggers, excavators, aerial work platforms, cranes, agricultural farm machinery and utility vehicles.

mobile hydraulics machines

The mobile hydraulics sector also demands high mechanical and electrical performance, and the NS Series incorporates required features such as a ratiometric output and automotive electrical connectors.

The ratiometric output provides an amplified output signal (0.5 to 4.5 V) with a supply voltage of only 5 V, and this is an enormous advantage for systems on mobile vehicles.

earth moving vehicle

With compact size, high EMC protection level, process temperature from -40° to +125°C, and ±0.25%FS precision, the NS Series is built to withstand the environmental conditions of mobile hydraulic applications.

The NS mobile hydraulic pressure sensor utilises a thick film sensing element deposited on stainless steel diaphragm.


The NS pressure sensor is suitable for all industrial applications, especially on hydraulics (presses, pumps, powerpack and fluid power) with severe conditions usually with high level of shock, vibration, pressure and temperature peaks, as typically experienced in the mobile machines environment.

 Thin Film Diagram


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