Force Torque Sensor (FT Sensor) Six-axis sensors
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Force Torque Sensor (FT Sensor) Six-axis sensors

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Force Torque Sensor (FT Sensor)

Six-axis Sensors


The most popular type of force torque sensor is the six-axis sensor. This particular force torque (FT) sensor is capable of measuring forces in every direction. A six-axis FT sensor generally utilizes strain gauge technology; when pressure is applied, the resistance within the gauge increases or decreases proportionally to the force it receives. This is how the sensor measures the movement of its external frames in relation to one another. Six-axis sensors can be found in robotic arms at the “joint.”

robotic arms


Up to six forces and torques on three axes (x, y, z) can be measured in combination with the NS-NJ6 multi-axis sensor. This means that the NJ6 is ideally suited for mechanical engineering usage, in test benches, and also in research and development. It returns a three-dimensional image of the measurement set-up with a maximum precision up to accuracy class 0.5. 


Individual signal channels of common multi-axis sensors often mutually affect each other. The NJ6 reduces this type of interference, known as crosstalk, to a minimum to ensure a problem-free signal. TM also offers an individual compensation matrix for the NJ6, which can be used to further improve the precision, combined with a TM Sensor's measuring amplifier.



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