Applications of Load Cells
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Applications of Load Cells

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Applications of Load Cells

The purposes of load cells, also known load transducers, are to help the user measure the physical quantity or mass, and to convert force or energy into another form (ex. force, light, torque, motion, etc.).

Various types of load cells are used in mechanical testing, ongoing system monitoring and as components in devices such as industrial scales. They are popular in a number of automation, sensor, and control systems across a wide range of industries.

Industries in which load cells are used include:

Food Processing

To precisely measure ingredients and to properly distribute the products during packaging Industrial Warehousing- Where they are used to determine the precise weight of loaded pallets, which is crucial for the filling and accepting of orders

Building and Construction

Testing of building materials, such as beams, for tension and structural strength Transportation- Railcar weighing and truck scales

Research Laboratory and Pharmaceutical Production

Weighing equipment, calibration systems, fatigue testing In addition, load cells can be found in applications such as: security systems, electrical weighing scales, personal scales, thermometers, machines in the defense sector, industrial automation, submarine pressure sensing, and material testing.


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