Application of wire displacement sensor
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Application of wire displacement sensor

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Application of wire displacement sensor



Wire displacement sensor is a new type of distance sensor developed by principle using linear sensor. It consists of a potentiometer, a control circuit and a group of mechanical components. It can accurately measure position of the moving object, displacement and other changes. The Wire displacement sensor can measure displacement, length, vibration and distance. It has high linear accuracy.



①    Length measurement: position identification and length measurement of production equipment; Vibration analysis; Collision test measurement; Automobile related test equipment, etc.

②    Displacement control: Displacement control is mainly concentrated in the mechanical industry, such as hydraulic cylinder, cylinder, rolling mill equipment control, universal testing machine displacement control, intelligent stack high car, reservoir dam early warning system.

③    Cylinder piston measurement and length measurement.

④    Linear guide control measurement, for the installation of linear moving object measurement equipment




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